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The Stanley Museum

40 School St., Kingfield, ME 04947
(207) 265-2729

The Stanley Museum, founded in 1981, is based in Kingfield, Maine, the birthplace of the Stanley family, best known for the Stanley Steamer automobile. The Stanley twin brothers, started their career in photography, later selling out to Eastman Kodak. After building their first prototype Stanley Steamer in 1897, the Stanleys went on to spend 20 years designing and producing the Stanley Steamer. As boys, they continued the family tradition of violin making and after the Stanley Motor Carriage Company went out of business in 1924, F.O. Stanley and his nephew Carlton Stanley.went into the violin making business together. By the time Carlton stopped producing them in 1953,he had made and sold over 500 violins. Not to be outdone by her brothers, Chansonetta Stanley Emmons, started her career as a painter, but is best known for her photography. Her ability to capture the life and times of rural, turn-of-the-century New England and the South has made her one of the most beloved photographers of her day.