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Marrett House

40 Ossipee Trail East, Route 25, Standish, ME 04084

In 1796, young Daniel Marrett, a recent Harvard graduate, moved to Standish, Maine, to become the town minister. He purchased the most imposing house in town to reflect his status as the community's leading citizen. Three generations of the Marrett family remained in the house for nearly one hundred and fifty years.

In the mid-nineteenth century, the Marretts enlarged and updated the house but chose to leave unchanged many furnishings and interior arrangements as relics of the past. The southwest parlor was redecorated at this time on the occasion of a family wedding, and remains preserved with original Victorian wallpaper, carpet, and furnishings. Each room in Marrett House showcases treasured possessions of the family, including pewter, ceramics, and textiles from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Marrett House is a classic example of the "big house, little house, back house, barn" configuration, with the house and all service buildings connected. An early twentieth-century perennial garden is located beside the house.