NEMA/Qm2 Executive Roundtable

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The NEMA/Qm2 Executive Roundtable is a small group of museum directors who meet together to help one another solve problems and improve their museums. The directors may lead all types of museums – art museums to zoos – and have annual budgets in the $800,000 - $1.4 million range.

Discussions with peers clarify issues and convert concern into practical action. Experienced facilitator Mary Case chairs the session to produce the maximum benefit for each participant. Mary keeps the agenda on target and fast paced. She has extensive experience in management consulting with museums, exceptional interpersonal skills, and acts as a proactive contributor to each session.

Who should attend? This program may be for you if:

  • You are the person at the top where the buck stops.
  • You are dramatically improving your museum, or with to.
  • You are open to learning how to better manage and lead your museum.

NEMA/Qm2 Executive Roundtable participants are selected based on their leadership position, their commitment to institutional change, and their willingness to fully participate. The NEMA/Qm2 Executive Roundtable has:

  • Up to fourteen chief executive officers of museums with budgets between $800,000 and $1.4 million.
  • No competitors or close collaborators.
  • The right “chemistry.”
  • A professional facilitator/business consultant.
  • Administrative support.

The NEMA/Qm2 Executive Roundtable structure is based on extensive experience:

  • Three meetings per year, one of which occurs during the annual NEMA conference, plus two other meetings to be scheduled with the participants.
  • The session at the NEMA conference will include a half-day/evening Friday night following the conference, plus a Saturday session concluding mid-afternoon.
  • The other two sessions will begin at 10:30 on day one (giving participants the opportunity to drive in) and end with a working lunch on day two. An overnight stay is expected as is attendance at all meetings.
  • The schedule is set to meet the participants’ calendars. If you miss frequently, you will be asked to withdraw.
  • Inter-meeting conference calls are held in small groups of “trios,” who offer mutual support.

Ground rules are the foundation of the process of dialogue. They invariably deepen trust between participants, which fosters learning at the most significant emotional and cognizant levels.

  • Open and honest interaction.
  • Mutual respect.
  • Absolute confidentiality.

NEMA/Qm2 Executive Roundtable members form a supportive team of peers for:

  • Sounding new ideas and opportunities.
  • Clarifying opportunities and solving museum problems.
  • Encouragement and support when times are tough.
  • Converting thought into action and providing peer accountability.
  • Building a solid support network with other directors committed to excellence in museums.

The NEMA/Qm2 Executive Roundtable focuses on leadership and management. Practical, take-home concepts and tools are part of each session. The content is based on the needs of the members. It covers all the essential elements to help museum leaders redesign and lead the museum successfully. Typical agendas include:

  • Building a strong top leadership team.
  • Enhancing advocacy for the mission by board, staff, and volunteers.
  • Involving staff and board in planning.
  • Mitigating conflicts and lack of alignment between staff, director, and board.
  • Delegation and holding people accountable.
  • Improving coordination and productivity in work processes.
  • Performance review and improvement.
  • Responding to a fiscal crisis.
  • Understanding your learning and leadership style.
  • Creating a vision for and with your community.
  • Managing with key performance indicators.
  • Running much better meetings.
  • Designing management measurement systems.
  • Extending civic reach.
  • Creating a culture of philanthropy.